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The transport sector causes significant greenhouse gas emissions. 27% of the European Union's greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the transport sector and 45% of those are connected to the use of cars. Globally, transport accounts for about a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions. 

25-50% of a vehicle's lifetime greenhouse gas emissions are emitted during its production and disposal. Whilst innovations in electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered vehicles reduce exhaust emissions, the emissions resulting from vehicle production and disposal remain. 

This issue has been identified by the majority of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and reducing carbon footprint throughout the supply chain is becoming an important selection criterion in purchasing decisions. Reducing the carbon footprint of products will be critical for automotive suppliers throughout all tiers. 


Our approach to helping you reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your products is similar to the established concept of design to cost. We work closely with design, quality, and purchasing teams at an early stage of product conception. We support solutions by simulating the prospective lifetime greenhouse gas emissions of design proposals, identifying the main emission drivers, and proposing ways to mitigate them. This process takes the entire life cycle of a product into account, including product disposal. 

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The combination of the tools and knowledge at Abitare Consulting & Innovation and the expertise of your teams will stimulate innovative solutions, leading to a significant reduction of your product's carbon footprint and thereby a long-term competitive advantage for your business. 


The change process has already begun, and we expect that the first climate change targets will feed through the supply chain during 2021. The focus on clean road transport as one of the five key campaigns of the COP26 presidency provides further drive for realising the opportunities now. Contact us now to ensure effective solutions for your business.