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The financial sector plays a critical role in combating climate change. Significant amounts of capital are required to mitigate global warming, and the shifts towards a sustainable global economy present both opportunities and risks for the financial sector. The global economic benefits of transitioning to a low-carbon growth path compared to maintaining the current high-carbon pathway have been estimated at US$20 trillion dollars through to 2030. Economic and moral reasons are driving many investors, collectively representing significant capital, to want to invest in environmentally sustainable projects. This emerging trend is likely to increase over time, as many of the emerging green investment opportunities are financially robust and deliver over-average returns. However, it can be difficult for asset managers to evaluate how sustainable or 'green' prospective investments actually are. At Abitare Consulting & Innovation we can help you to make well-informed decisions based on the lifetime greenhouse gas emissions of investment opportunities.   ​ 


We use data-driven carbon dioxide life cycle assessments to establish the greenhouse gas emissions of an investment and where within an investment's life cycle the emissions occur. We can do this for both existing and prospective investments, enabling you to assess the sustainability of your current and future portfolios. We can also work with you to make recommendations on how to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your existing portfolios. Where clients choose, our data can support TCFD-aligned disclosures.


Increasingly sophisticated data, and rapidly growing public, governmental, and legislative focus on the acceleration of actions to tackle climate change mean that the role, implications, and opportunities for the financial sector in the transition to net zero are clearer than ever before. The focus on finance as one of the five key campaigns of the COP26 presidency provides further drive for realising the opportunities now. Contact us now to ensure you are part of, and can access the benefits of, a financial system for net zero.