Our Mission

It is an undisputed scientific fact, that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are gradually increasing the earth's mean temperature.

Once the temperature increase exceeds 2 degree Celsius, it is likely that a positive feedback loop will initiate, that leads to an uncontrollable temperature increase. 

To prevent this humanitarian and ecological disaster from occurring the global economy must become carbon neutral. 

However, for non-experts, it is difficult to measure the greenhouse gas emissions that result from their work. It is even more difficult, to identify the actions that will lead to a significant emission reduction. 

Therefore, it is our mission to help businesses and organizations of all sectors to quantify their product's greenhouse gas emission over the entire life-cycle and to help them to reduce them.

Were a further greenhouse gas reduction is impossible, we aim to offset the carbon dioxide emission by facilitating the planting of trees and rewilding projects in order to generate long term carbon dioxide sinks. 


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