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Simulate | Evaluate | Decide

Policies and decision-making in the public sector can set the course for long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions. However, identifying the opportunities, quantifying the expected benefits, and avoiding unintended negative consequences can be difficult. 

We can support the decision-making process by simulating the greenhouse gas emissions of different options for consideration across their life cycle. This delivers valuable insights about the emission reductions that can be expected from the implementation of individual options, at which stage of an option's life cycle emissions occur, and the potential for further reducing the emissions. 


Our simulations offer a rapid, cost-effective and scientifically sound method to support evidence-based decision making. ​Our early-stage simulation service allows public sector organisations to:

  • maximise greenhouse gas emission reduction in their policies, strategies and use of resources

  • quantify the expected benefits and monitor the realised benefits

  • avoid unintended negative consequences

  • make informed, transparent and evidence-based decisions